◆ Distributed Architecture Mail Server

Distributed architecture mail server provides multi spots and capability to handle mass mail for enterprises, governments or schools. Users from different departments can send/receive mail through the sub mail server whose databse, accounts, and mail record in sync with the primary server. Transferred data will be gathered to computer center database for quick look-up. Mail server performance has been optimising without waiting responses from the remote host.

■ Anti-virus

In-built free Clam AV can detect over 1,300,000 Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. The virus scans all packages in Email/WEB/FTP once the function of anti-virus is enabled. It also offers daily automatic signature update, virus ranking reports, and numerous file format detection mechanisms. Above all, it requires no yearly subscription fee.

■ Multi-layer anti-spam

ShareTech mail server employs ST-IP network rating, Bayesian Filtering, Auto-whitelist, Fingerprinting, and Spam Characteristics to filter both internal/ external mail. Personal Black/White list and Auto-learning can be defined in flexible policies for high accuracy spam filtering. Actions such as “send to quarantine”, “block” and “delete” can be taken to the matched mail.

■ Content Filter

ShareTech mail server filters and controls mail coming into and leaving your company. Enterprises and internals can define a set of policies to reduce exposure to legal liability. ShareTech not only gives complete record (including sender, recipient, subject, content, quota, and attachment) but also filters each incoming or outgoing mail by using keywords and different domains. Actions such as “sent to quarantine”, “delete”, “block sender’s IP address”, “send notification”, or “send carbon copy” can be taken, if the mail associated with the performed policy.

■ HA

ShareTech mail server offers additional survivability – “Never-fail network”. Master and Slave servers are connected to keep the data in sync between the two servers. Slave server will take over the master server to ensure email service continuity once device failure occurs.

■ Filters for Personal Information Protection

Privacy law amendments come into for in Oct., 2012 in Taiwan. Enterprises and organizations that do not abide by the law can cause money loss or even ruin earned business reputation. ShareTech mail server provides filters to protect sensitive personal information from leakage. Administrators can set policies to audit ID number, credit card number, phone number, mobile number, and date of birth.

■ Mail Server Backup

ShareTech mail server records all the incoming/outgoing mail including attachments, and automatically and timely backups your data to a local disk, the network neighborhood or a remote FTP server. Through searching backed up files by keywords, users can quickly and easily find the exact file.

6 features:

1. Complete mail record

2. Normal mail delivery

3. Unattended mail backup and mount

4. Flexible decentralized management

5. Quick search

6. Mail storage as evidence

■ System Backup

Backup policies are set to govern which content should be backed up at scheduled time. ShareTech mail server makes it even more convenient for administrators to use USB flash drive as a backup storage device. Removable USB HDD can be used as full system backup. If the operating system on the host computer crashes, chose USB recovery mode while rebooting. The system will revert back to the status before backup.

■ Shared Folder

ShareTech shared folder provides a webdisk-like platform for all users to share information and assign access permission for each file. For examples, marketing sales share product catalogs and powerpoints; engineers share technical specification; and sales share market analysis studies. Users have an individual storage space to create folders, download/upload files, and categorized data into preferred management. Online shared folders let users no longer have to carry hard disks abroad.

■ Cloud Webmail

ShareTech equips users with Outlooklike Webmail, offering an easy mail experience to browse, write, send/receive mail anywhere through http/https. Encrypted mail service secures business secrets efficiently. More friendly functions followed like preview, login auth., drag-and-drop, mail content-type related, quick content lookup, personal rules, personal signature, and multi-layer folders. Moreover, advanced functions such as shared folders, auto-reply/forward, and delayed delivery are provided as well.

■ RAID0 or RAID1 supported

RAID0 splits data into multiple partitions. Data is distributed across the drives. RAID0 ensures maximum operational speed and maximum use of storage capacity. Failure of one drive results in loss of all data.

RAID1 Data are distributed across one pair of drives and are mirrored with the second pair of drives. RAID 1 ensures good operational speed, use of 1/2 of storage capacity and high reliability.


The data are distributed across the drives and are protected with parity. RAID5 ensures good operational speed and use of 3/4 of storage capacity. The data remain recoverable even without one drive.

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